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Why Pay for Content?

Why would anyone ever pay someone else to write something for them? We all learn reading and writing in school. It's a pretty simple concept, right? Anyone can write a blog, post articles, or even write an eBook or traditionally published paperback! You put words down on paper and put it out there!

What's the big deal with "professional" writers, ghostwriters, editors, SEO copy writing specialists, and other writers that call themselves "experts"?

Why Writers Matter

Garbage content does get people to click on it from time to time, some more than others, none of those people are willing to spend money on it. They are just reading about something they're interested in and they move on.

If you own a website or blog, and you look at your analytics to find your bounce rate is tremendously high, that means that the content on your site is garbage. No one wants to stay to read the other content. They definitely don't want to pull out their credit card and start punching it in!

One of the worst sites with a ton of authority that relies on garbage content and links is www.weather.com. If you visit their site, you'll get the weather, but you'll also get TMZ level links and content within the site. It is the worst.

What Do You Want Out of Your Content?

Let's take a look at your goals for your website, blog, or books in whatever format. What is it that you want to accomplish with them?

  • Do you want people to subscribe to your email list so you can keep them informed on a certain topic, niche, or industry?

  • Are you even a subject matter expert in the things you are writing about?

  • What is your experience with writing and optimizing content for the internet?

  • Can you put several thoughts together in an easy to read format that gets your point across without sounding super stupid?

  • What are your demographics?

  • Who are you writing for?

  • What do they like to read?

  • Are they even reading it?

  • Can your targeted audience even find it on the internet?

  • Do you even know how to research or even thought about researching your audience to do your duty to provide them with 100% unique, informative, and quality content?

OK, you get the point.

If you are thinking about writing your own content, or even worse, if you continue to write your own content, you need to be asking yourself these questions.

The Modern Writer

A writer isn't just a person who writes something down on paper. Today's writers can be more accurately described as the "Jack of All Trades". No other profession requires the amount of knowledge that a writer needs to have in order to be successful.

Let me explain before you say, "uh, dude, what about the people that are going to Mars? Aren't they a lot smarter?" Yeah, they are probably smarter. But the people that work on those teams are engineers, physicists, various scientists, and other pilots and space experts.

When a big job is undertaken like putting people on Mars, every single job, no matter how big or small, is divided up among the thousands of people working on that project. A welder welds certain parts of the frame of a certain part of the rocket. A team of mathematical geniuses work on solving a single problem within the creation process of a single part of the rocket. You get what I mean.

They have one profession, and they are masters at that one thing they do. Does that one profession have a ton of applications? Absolutely, but that scientist who specializes in theoretical physics doesn't have to write about the clothing trends of women 30-45 that live in California. They don't have to write a blog for a very popular cardiologist who wants a blog about the risks and dangers of open heart surgery.

Writers have to accurately research and understand every single word they write. I have a client that I write various dental blogs for, and I sort of feel like I could be a mediocre dentist because of all the research that I've done over the years. I mean, I not advising you to hire me to fix your teeth, but I probably wouldn't be terrible at it.

Is writing about a topic just like working in that field? Hell no. But, when we write on that topic, we have to sound exactly like those experts, or the content won't be credible, and I'd be fired.

A ghostwriter must become a dentist to write dental blogs. We have to become a firefighter to write about fire safety. You get the idea.

Why Hire a Writing Professional for Your Business?

Business professionals simply don't have the time to be writing, researching, getting the proper education on how to write something that's not stupid, and studying the ever changing world of SEO and content marketing strategies.

That's why millions of business owners all around the world are in constant competition to produce the best and latest content on the web. 90% of people in the world are online, which means they get their information from the web, they shop on the web, and they vent their frustrations when they read garbage writing on the web. Watch those comments people!

If the reasons mentioned above isn't quite enough to convince you to hire a ghostwriter, to which I'd like to mention -preferably me- then let's talk about the responsibility of a quality writer.

Your car's owner's manual was written by qualified mechanical experts that specialize in that brand of vehicle, but they are technical writers. Imagine what would happen if a garbage writer got a hold of that project? Instead of knowing what fluids to put in your car, you'd be getting a ton of information about which celebrity divorce is "important" right now. Imagine terrible writers getting their filthy little hands all over your educational textbooks. You couldn't even learn how to read about another one of Brittany's breakdowns! That's totally tragic.

Listen people, we live in the information age, the digital age, the age of endless possibilities and incredible innovation never seen before by the human race. Writers have a responsibility to be the people who use words, formatting, rules, ideas, and facts to provide the necessary information to a reader.

Being a ghostwriter, we need to become a different professional every day, at the snap of a finger, and be able to write like we have been experts in that field for several years. It's not easy, but I have an insatiable thirst for knowledge, so writing is my dream job. Especially when I get work that has a great story attached to it, like when a kids' therapist uses an uncommon tactic to have a breakthrough with a child struggling with something that everyone else takes for granted. Those types of written works are the highlights of my professional career.

Oh, one more thing: if you think you can do what a writer does without any prior experience, fine, but just remember that we have very short deadlines. The entire game changes when you have to write a long eBook about how to rebuild a motorcycle's engine in just a few days. A writer that incorporates current events and issues into their copy have even tighter deadlines because of people's attention span, the competition against other content being produced first, and the general relevance factor after the fact of the even being written about.

So, why should you hire a writer to create your content? Why should you hire a mechanic to replace the transmission in your car? Why should you hire an exterminator to rid your house of the nasty ant infestation that have taken up residence without paying any rent at all? Those ants are some squatting jerks...

There is a reason professionals exist. There is just too many things to master for any person in our lifetime. We can't do everything. Most people certainly can't be good writers. They try, they fail, and everyone who reads it suffers.

Writers Pay for Themselves!

A good writer should be bringing you more money, thus paying for themselves, so you shouldn't be losing money by hiring a writer to create your content. I've been known to write hundreds of product descriptions in just one project that worked to heavily increase the traffic on that site and the store ultimately sold far more that what they paid me.

Every piece of content should have a purpose. If you want opinionated content just to put it out there for no reason, you should probably rethink what you're doing with your professional life, honestly. A good writer won't even take a job that writes garbage that gets created for no reason. We writers are sort of a nerdy bunch, so we want to be challenged, we want to learn something, and we want what we create to matter and serve a purpose.

I could write 20,000 more words on this subject. There are just so many reasons why people should hire a writer. I mean, I'm awesome to work with anyways, so it's really a no brainer people!

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