• Andrew Dickerson

What is Content Marketing?

If you find yourself wondering what content marketing is, you are on the right track to quickly developing more leads and sales for your business or website. Content marketing is something that every marketer or advertiser should be an expert in because more business use content marketing than ever before and the strategies are always changing.

According to The Content Marketing Institute, Content Marketing is “a marketing technique of creating and distributing valuable, relevant, and consistent content to attract and acquire a clearly defined audience—with the objective of driving profitable customer action.”

Sounds like something any business would be interested in, right? They key to successful content marketing however is the value your content has. People should want to read your content, not avoid it like an advertisement. There are a few types of content marketing that businesses find to be most successful:

Using Infographics- Infographics are usually vertical and present statistics or facts, charts, and key information relevant to the written content. Infographics are easy to design and can become very popular on social media because they provide a snapshot or overview of important facts that the reader can quickly digest.

Websites- A website that has a good content marketing strategy will have many pages through their site. Blogs are a great way of achieving this because each post is a separate web page. These pages are indexed through search engines and the more often you are indexed the more frequently you will pop up in search results. Make sure your content is always Search Engine Optimized and fascinating so that consumers will want to share your posts on social media.

Videos- Content marketing through videos is the way of the future with video content being the content that is most often shared on social media and more likely to be clicked on than a long article or blog post. People can get a lot of information quickly in a 2-3-minute video that would take them much longer to read about.

Books- If you want to prove that you are an expert in your field, you should produce ebooks. You can use books to drive people to the products or services you offer, offer free ebooks in exchange for signing up for newsletters or registering for accounts on websites. Many people have been able to establish themselves as industry leaders through publishing ebooks in the fields they know the most about. If you own an antique restoration business, you could write an ebook on where to find the best antiques and have a call to action for the reader to bring the pieces to you for refinishing. Having a company ghostwrite the content for you is the most ideal setting for your business.

When first beginning to produce content for your website, you may be overwhelmed at the sheer amount of time and energy it takes to create valuable content that is going to be informative and engaging to the reader, increase traffic to your website, and convert readers into customers. At Dickerson Digital Marketing, we can take that stress off your hands and produce perfect content with guaranteed results. Click here to learn more about what Dickerson Digital Marketing can do for your business!

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