• Andrew Dickerson

TypedIt Publishing Now Accepting Queries and Submissions

TypedIt has been in the business of creating web content, blogs, articles, E-books, and other writing as ghostwriters for various clients over the past several years.

We've decided to take the expertise and wisdom gained from learning SEO and digital marketing techniques, combined with our superior writing and editing abilities, design and formatting abilities, and create a publishing company!

TypedIt Publishing is a new division of TypedIt that will specialize in non-fiction publishing such as:


Photography books



Novelty Books

Theories and Ideas



Guides and Manuals

Creative Nonfiction



Natural history


Popular science



We want to help the writers who often get overlooked and under represented in the publishing industry.

Our goal is to turn your work into a category best seller across most major platforms including Amazon, I-books, Google Books and through physical copies.

TypedIt Publishing is a small press publishing company that has the ability to market your non-fiction book to retail stores, independent book stores to get more physical copies of your book in the hands of readers!

Our experience and expertise in search engine optimization and digital marketing means that your book will reach an optimal number of readers. We can also help you manage your social media, create a website, and curate additional content for our authors through TypedIt content marketing (These services are not included in our publishing package).

At TypedIt Publishing, we believe in working with our authors to ensure that the final product is something that they are proud of.

Collaboration is important to us and we strive to make our publishing relationship more than just business--we want a partnership.

This is why TypedIt Publishing offers a royalty sharing design to our contracts and never ask an author or writer to pay for any costs associated with publishing their books.

TypedIt Publishing is different from other small press publishers because we allow our authors to partner with our parent company, TypedIt to create customized marketing plans so that our authors get the maximum exposure to not only their books, but to their businesses and websites. TypedIt can help authors create additional revenue through online stores, blogging, and more.

To see what we offer in our publishing package, visit the TypedIt Publishing Page! We are now excepting queries and manuscript submissions. You may also visit the consultations page to gain the upper hand by booking an appointment to either get some tips and advice on your written works from our published writers and authors, or by pitching your manuscript in a presentation in a face to face meeting online or in our offices.

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