• Andrew Dickerson

Small Business Needs Marketing

What do you mean? My antique store sells 10 dolls, 15 beer signs, and 4 wooden tables a month, sir! I don't need your fancy dancy computer marketing schemes.

If you find yourself relating to the text above, you may want to move on, or at least open your mind a bit to the new technologies that have been designed to help business owners get more customers and increase their revenue by creating content and incentive to interact with that content. I know some of the "marketing gurus" are saying, "you're giving away all your secrets, shut-up Cledus!" No, I am not. There are no secrets to be given out. I am an expert in my field. I have been doing this for years. I have hundreds of happy clients who trusted me to give them excellent quality content that is easily marketable for them to drive more sales. It's that simple.

Can't I Just Get Free Content from a Content Website?

Sure you can. You can also go get a root canal from a TV repair man. "Hold on there Bubba, I'm just gonna rip this one out, and then, uhh....we should probably call 911." Free content sites are just some people who came up with a brilliant scheme to give away free content in order to lure unsuspecting victims into their grasp, just to make them pay a ridiculous fee for garbage content. That's the truth. Those companies come and go through the years. It is sad that people fall for it every time, but they soon learn that when you hire an "entry-level employee" (a person who has no experience or idea of what they are doing) to write a professional ebook or an article for a scientific or educational journal, you probably aren't going to get the best results. Someone said to me once that the only thing in this world that is free is the love of a good woman. Or, a good toaster? Painting? Car? Well, I can't remember, but the point is that nothing is free. You are going to pay for it one way or another. Be weary of these free sites promising you quality ANYTHING. Would you take a free ice cream cone from a stranger on the street? No, because it probably has drugs in it. Unless that stranger is a clown, they are respectable members of societ---What? Who's Gacy? What's "IT"?

Small businesses have so many opportunities missed in the digital world every day, so much in fact, it makes me physically sick. Setting up a small business doesn't mean that you sign a contract with life saying that you get to sit on a rickety stool behind a tiny counter reading old newspapers while you wait, and pray that customers magically have incentive to even acknowledge your existence and come through the door and then buy something. Yes, that sentence was as big as the false hopes those poor small business owners have.

It's simple. Over 90% of the population is online. The same number of millennials look up a business online before they shop or visit. If you don't own a computer and think that your business is just all of a sudden going to take off and become a multi-national corporation, you know where this is going. People have to know that you exist. Not only that, they have to know what's in it for them, and then they have to know that you are in the game to play. That means that they want you to be competitive with the others in your community or online. Everything gets price checked on Amazon. Just saying.

Creating content for people to engage, explore, educate themselves, create a conversation, answer questions, and other types of content is essential for customer engagement. People watch videos nowadays. You have to understand that everyday, people get thousands of ads and marketing garbage thrown at them, and people want to take in information the quickest way possible. Videos give them that satisfaction. Yes, people do still read, hey, you are reading right now! Good for you! And, you are educating yourself. Double high five! If you slapped the screen of your device, I want you to email me and I will personally send you an awesome gift. No cheating!

Also, if you don't have a digital marketing strategy, how are you going to organize the time to take super awesome selfies with your employees and products? Social media is a huge part of how businesses interact with their customers. Hell, there are huge companies that have their own /subreddit and twitter feed for customers with problems. It's free customer service! Now, that's innovation my friends.

If your company gets big enough, hiring someone to take over all the social media tasks is important. You cannot run your business, engage with customers, and tweet your fave dinner recipe all at once. (please stop with the food on social media) Many owners will say at this point that "we don't have the money for all that!" I don't understand why you need more money? In 2 weeks to a month, you are going to start to see a big increase in activity. Your sales will go up, because our marketing strategies funnel in buyers, not window shoppers. They are searching for what you have to sell online right now! If you aren't there to give them what they are looking for, it's a missed opportunity, and depending on the niche, you could be missing out on millions. Yes, I said millions.

If you have a product and/or service that people want and need, your business will be fine, but you can always do better. Even if you are comfortable with what you have, you can always use our digital marketing to scale. Most of our clients get away with paying roughly $50 a month to see results that increase their profits by thousands. Thousands! It's silly not to at least talk to us about what we can do for In all seriousness, a lot of these great mom and pop shops, little stores, and so many other small businesses that were far more prominent when we were kids are now struggling against big business that is working very hard to strangle every other business owner in their sleep. They don't have a website, an online store, personalized customer service, social media, or other content for customers to engage with. Picture little bitty small business owners inside of a little cage with Sarah McLachlan playing her sad, tender music in the background. I'm so sad right now...

Get on over here right now to book an appointment. If you are like, "I'm past appointments dude, I'm ready to go!" Then go over to the Content Shop, or you can go to the Services Shop, or you can do both, we don't judge here. We recommend checking out the custom marketing package available to anyone. This package includes a whole starter kit so you can make one order, and get going on the road to success---no quarter, no prisoners, to the death! Or not, that's a bit dramatic. Let's just be excited together...