• Andrew Dickerson

Your Local Business Needs a Web Presence

You put a lot of thought into the location of your business. Maybe you chose the brick building wedged between the coffee shop and the art gallery because of the creative aesthetic and artisanal vibe. Perhaps the busy intersection your shop is on gets tons of foot traffic. However, relying on curb appeal and visibility isn't enough in today's economy.

According to Time Warner Business Class study from 2016 called, "The Impact of Technology on Small Business", 50% of customers surveyed said they will NOT purchase something from a business that doesn't have a website. 33% of the people surveyed mentioned they wouldn't buy from a company that didn't have a social media presence.

If you don't have a website, you are losing out on 50% of your potential customers. Can you imagine the possibility of doubling your business revenue, just by creating a simple website? Start up a Facebook page or Instagram account and you can see potential customers grow by at least 30%.

Millennials especially (66%) say that a website with relevant business information such as the operating hours, contact information and product or service information are necessary for small businesses to be successful. More than half of consumers between the ages of 35-54 agreed.

It is my strong belief that every business needs a website, but also, every website needs a store. Every business can sell something related to their niche. The idea is to make it as easy as possible for consumers to buy what you have to offer. Nowadays, an online store is the easiest way.

Can You Make a Website Yourself?

For the person who doesn't know much about technology, coding, and all the other skills needed to build a website, it would be like replacing the engine in your car without knowing how to change a tire, so hiring an expert is always going to be the best option.

Besides, what business owner wants to do everything on their own? There just isn't enough time in the day to accomplish all the tasks that need done. We believe that a small business owner or manager should focus on their area of expertise, and leave the details to a company who can give them the results they need to succeed.

It needs to be said that if cousin Jimmy or nephew Bobby knows how to operate a smart phone or computer it does not mean that they know how to build you a website or market effectively. It just isn't that simple. If you think you save money by having a family member attempt to do what pro's should be doing, you may want to look at your profit numbers and see how it has changed. The agreement is likely hurting your business. It could even damage your business' reputation, and reputation is everything, because it is so hard to come back from.

The only surefire way to ensure your web presence success is to speak to a professional about it. We can answer any questions you may have about any issues or concerns you may have about building a website. The best thing is, it is going to cost you much less than you anticipate, so there just isn't a reason to not have a website with an online store!

When you get your website up and running, make sure to stay on top of local SEO and keyword updates, and if you have no idea what I am talking about, you can obviously contact us, or another great company to visit is vitarank.com, ask them to give you a website audit. They will take a look at what you've got and make it as easily accessible as it can get. These guys are pros, they are great at getting you found on the big search engines. They offer many services though, so make sure you take a look around their site, or talk to an expert to find out how they can help you!

Online Consumer Behaviors

Consumers look to social media to decide whether or not a company is trusted and reliable. Nearly half of all women consumers say that their customer loyalty is based on a business engaging them through social media. In fact, 71% of women are likely to respond to special offers only available through social media channels.

Nearly all consumers (80%) also say that being able to contact a business via email is important to them in deciding where to shop. An even larger number of consumers say that small businesses with a strong web presence are much more credible than those without.

In 2015, a Redshift Research survey found that 59% of very small business, those that have less than 5 employees, don't have websites, and only 12% had a Facebook Page. Every day there are nearly 4 billion Google searches and 90% of consumers rely on online reviews and product information to determine which small businesses they will spend their money with.

The competition is low for small businesses to have an online presence and consumers are demanding it. The most successful businesses have credited their online presence for why they have outpaced their competitors in foot traffic and sales. In fact, only 18% of business owners who had a website felt as thought their website did not help their business. At Dickerson Digital Marketing, we believe that those 18% must have not been developing their web presence effectively, otherwise their results would have been much different!

Getting to Know Your Customers

The internet is full of powerful tools that business owners can use to find out who their customers are. Social media insights and other analytic tools can be used to determine which percentage of your customers are male or female, age, employment status, educational background, and most importantly--buying habits.

Knowing your customers in a more personal way can ensure that you are providing services and products that your target consumer wants and will come back repeatedly for.

You can also use your website and social media channels to engage with your customers in a much more cost-efficient way than paying for advertisements on the radio, TV, or local print news. You can use digital marketing strategies to build email lists to send out newsletters, reminders, coupons, sales information etc, to your customers. Business owners can also respond to their customers in a more personal manner through Facebook and review pages such as Yelp!

Whether you are looking to expand your customer base, or find out exactly who that base is, start selling your products online, develop a website, or allow your customers to book appointments online, having a web presence is essential to all businesses, large and small, local and E-Commerce. A good digital marketing strategist will make sure you understand all the ways that your website, digital content, and social media will grow your business and get more money into your pocket with a large return on your investment.

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