• Andrew Dickerson

How Blogging Helps a Small Business

If you own a small business, chances are, before you consider any marketing strategy, you wonder if you will have the time and energy to implement the strategy or if it will just be a wasted investment. Small business owners that have brick and mortar stores tend to spend more than your average nine to five at work. A third of small business owners report working for than 50 hours per week and a quarter more report working more than 60 hours each week.

If you spend this much time at your business, you probably don’t have time to also sit down and write blog content, ads for social media, answer and reply to posts and questions from Facebook Messenger and all the other demands that come with running a business in a digital world. However, if there is one aspect of your digital footprint that you should pay attention to, it’s your blog.

Blogging is an excellent strategy because you are investing little money into content that has almost no risk. There are five ways that blogging can really help a small business take off, for very little investment.

SEO- If you want to turn up on Google or Bing searches, you must Search Engine Optimize. This means you should be creating new, fresh content that search engines will pick up on through inserting keywords and long tail keyword phrases. Search engines will index your content, so it is important to create content often.

Develops Trust with Customers- Blogging is a great way to connect with your customer base. Having a blog that relates to the products your customers care about, or can highlight a service you offer is perfect for engaging consumers and developing an audience for your brand. You can develop a rapport with your customers through replying to comments, build trust that you are an industry leader and establish credibility. Blogging allows your customers or clients to connect a human to the business, a face to a name. Studies show that blogging regularly increases conversion.

Free Advertising- One of the best things to see on your social media accounts are your posts being shared. All you must do is create the content and you’ll have followers sharing and recommending your business to everyone they know. Blogging gives your customers a reason to follow you on social media and keep their attention. Organic traffic is often increased through social media by sharing and word of mouth.

Blogging Provides Insight- If you want to get to know your audience and really narrow in on your target demographic, blogging will help you do that. Business owners or marketers can use Google Analytics to get feedback on the people visiting your blog and what they are interested in, how long they spend reading, and other very insightful information.

Drives Traffic to Your Website- Every business owner, small or large, wants more traffic to their website. Do not fall into the traps of buying email addresses or list builders to try to send out newsletters or promotional coupons. Don’t invest too much money into social media ads or Google Ads. Increase your traffic organically through blogging. Every blog post is a separate indexed page on your website, when you share the posts on social media they should link back to your website to read the blog. Every blog you write should generate a lead for your business.

Blogging can be time consuming, it’s true. You must spend a lot of time studying the keywords that are best for your content, developing different blogs, linking them to your social media accounts and making sure you stay fresh, current, and on trend so that you can keep your traffic increases coming. This may seem overwhelming. Your expertise is business management. Let me help you with your content management and blogging. Click here to learn how DDM can help you create a blog that is guaranteed to grow your audience.