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Business Topics

We are in the Business of giving our clients the best content available so they can grow their business.


Some are in the business of business.


And, we are in the business of helping those who are in the business of business. 

We have been at this for many years now, so there aren't very many topics that we haven't touched at one point or another.


We consider ourselves research experts that are qualified to give you content that is written by a professional who knows exactly what they are talking about. Trust us, it is difficult to fill the shoes of all the brilliant minds out there in all the different fields and industries. But, we do a good job of doing just that.

Think of us as actors. We may not work that job we write about every single day, but we can research that role, and deliver you a performance worthy of some type of award. And, it isn't because we are fooling anyone. It is because we actually do enough research to be that person who can teach others the information they are seeking.


We don many hats here at TypedIt. But, we will never forget that we are knowledge-seekers, information hunters and gatherers, word wizards, and most of all: Writers that work to enhance your business.

TypedIt doesn't specialize in any one topic, like all the other guys do. I know far too many business owners who own companies in more than one industry for me to just write about one thing. Besides, who wants to write about one thing for the rest of their lives?


Here at TypedIt, we are adventure seekers. We want to grasp the world's knowledge and take it all in. We don't discriminate. We don't ostracize folks who have a topic that we don't "specialize" in. No. Everyone has the opportunity to have what TypedIt offers. 

If those other places have turned you down or have "paired you with one of their millions of qualified super-duper-awesome 'writers' (expert couch potatoes with laptops)" then come see us. We will get you the content you need. But, if you just want something better, we specialize in that, too.