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Brittany McLean

"I was born a pure soul, but I was burned by the ones who said they loved me, and now I rise from the ashes to tell you the true story of my tragic life through narrative poetry. This story puts you in my shoes as I walked the path towards destruction. You will see through my eyes, looking at my abusers, feeling my pain, the heartbreak, crippling sadness, and betrayals. Follow me into a darkness in which I thought I would never leave. After years of abuse, I have risen above it all, flying high in the sky towards victory. I am The Phoenix, and this is my story..."

Pre-order is now available for The Phoenix: A Poetic Narrative, written by the brilliant Brittany Nicole McLean. This book is available in Kindle Unlimited or can be purchased for just $2.99. Get the ebook free when you buy the paperback, which will feature exclusive content. 

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About the Author

Brittany McLean is a powerful young woman who grew up in Central Illinois, where she currently lives with her boyfriend and her dog, Mr. Barry Puggle. Brittany has experienced many challenges and abuses in her lifetime, and uses writing as an efficient coping method for dealing with harsh realities and hurtful memories.


She decided to enhance her skills and talents and become a poet and a writer full-time, because she realized that having since risen above her traumas, she needed to help those who are where she has been. There are nonprofit organizations that are thankful for her volunteer work and donations to help those victims of abuse.

Brittany works hard to inspire and encourage people to rise above the pain to be everything they desire in their lives. You will experience the powerful feelings of hope and wisdom, flying high above the ashes of their torment.

Readers will also find different perspectives not commonly talked about: enablers and support. The people in all our lives are a great part of who we are as people. Through her work, she gives the reader a true experience in being inside the mind of the family members and friends who enable evil acts, and the ones who are left to help the victims, and to put out the fire the abusers lit.

Brittany McLean is one of those rare writers that when you read their books, it has the ability to change your life. These works are truly unique and raw, and offer first-hand perspectives into all the damage, heartbreak, hope, hard work, and sacrifice that all the people involved in an abuse situation must endure.

Brittany McLean is so thankful for everyone who has helped her, and to everyone who gives her the privilege to help them through hard times, and she will work hard each and every day to do her part to help solve abuse problems in America.


She is also incredibly grateful to her readers for lending her their time and minds to immerse themselves in such an experience in hopes of better understanding the complex nature of surviving all the different kinds of abuse. It isn't easy to dive into something so profound if you've never experienced it before. 

Please, feel welcome to leave a comment and a review of The Phoenix: A Poetic Narrative on Amazon. Brittany Mclean's journey is just beginning, she's risen from the ashes of her childhood, and will continue to write books with real emotion, situations, and stories with raw perspectives to her readers. She is truly an inspiration to so many who've heard her story.